Trico Films at NFFTY 2009

Trico Films is a Western-Washington based film production group, originally conceived in 2002 by  identical triplet brothers Dylan, Jesse, and Miles Stipek. They were 13 years old.

Today, the company produces film products for many different purposes, from training and education to research and entertainment. Trico Films intends to grow into its own sustainable studio with the ability to produce large scale, production intensive film projects intended for wide spread distribution.

A young Dylan, Jesse and Miles

Trico Films was originally built on the idea of collaboration. From the very beginning, there were three minds coming together to create top-notch video projects. Dylan, Jesse and Miles Stipek all contributed to these projects, so that the final product was not a single minded view, but exhibited aspects from all three brothers, helping to create a more diverse and colorful idea.

Since those beginnings, the organization has retained these ideals, where everyone contributes to the final project. This includes more than just those within the Trico Films group, however. Over the years, the company has had the sincere privilege of working with many industry professionals, which include the likes of multi Emmy Award-winning film composer Carl Johnson, Dragonball Z music arranger, composer and editor Scott Morgan, and Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins. In addition, an ambitious application for a very prestigious scholarship ended up netting the brothers $45,000 each for their education at the University of Washington.

Trico Films taking a vacation in Arizona circa 2007


Cinematographer and creative screenwriter, Dylan originally coined the name “Trico” when the brothers were in the fifth grade. Along with directing, Dylan also plays the piano. He has learned most of his trades through self-teaching and continues to educate himself in music composition, film studies, and public speaking. Dylan’s favorite movie trilogy is Star Wars, and enjoys watching and analyzing Akira Toriyama’s Dragonball series with television and game composer Scott Morgan. Dylan is a University of Washington graduate.


Jesse is a University of Washington graduate and employee at Microsoft, working on the AAA mega flagship Xbox game, Halo.  His favorite movie is The Ring and you’ll most likely find him at Buffalo Wild Wings…  Jesse started making films at a young age; fascinated by the original Star Wars trilogy, he set a path to focus on the art of movie production as early as middle school. Currently, Jesse is producing a fan-film based on his favorite horror flick, The Ring, as well as entering an animated project with successful Hollywood screenwriter, Michael Chase Walker. This project is called RIDE.


Miles is the primary historian for Trico Films. Since the start, Miles was interested in historical battle-oriented cinema. It is because of his passion of antiquity that the brothers became so interested in films relating to the American Civil War and World War II. Miles is an excellent orator, which makes him such a prominent and powerful figure on set. His favorite movies include Gettysburg, The Last of the Mohicans, Son of the Morning Star, and Star Wars. Miles is a University of Washington graduate and a seasonal parks employee for the United States Forest Service.


Jesse helps ensure stability in the chaotic world of film production at Trico Films. As one of the original group members, Jesse has continued to work with the Stipek brothers as the projects have become more challenging and complex.  He adores Star Wars and appreciates good film. Also a pilot for Horizon Air, Jesse’s other interests include forestry management and classic cars. Jesse holds a Bachelor of Science in Flight Technology with a Minor in Business Administration from Central Washington University. He plans to pursue his graduate degree from the University of Washington in the near future.